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“Iso” brought us here

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One of the key industries that got hit very hard was the sports and entertainment industry. When news came that the Intrust Cup Rugby League 2020 season was being called off, the writing was on the wall that most sports in the country would follow. And follow they did.

So why did we, as a business that relies heavily on sports and entertainment, decided to soldier on?

The truth of the matter is that the core business activities that rely on sports being played came to an abrupt halt. There was little or nothing we could do. But amidst the chaotic environment COVID brought upon us, lockdown and isolation actually worked to our favour. Staying at home for much longer periods than many of us sports fanatics are used to, didn’t actually mean that our health and fitness should suffer. Therefore, we studied closely the kind of issues many of us active lot would face during “iso” and how we could overcome these barriers.

And the idea of offering simple but effective fitness related items came to mind. Many fitness related products were being sold like “hot cakes” and we thought we’d contribute a similar solution to our loyal customers here in PNG.

There’s so many temptations we’ve found about staying for prolong periods at home. Food, and fridge seems to bring the fun to us. Not that it’s bad for us but binge eating as many of you can make us tired, lazy and unhealthy.

Well, we’re offering you quality fitness products that can at least help you change your “new normal”. It can be pretty boring doing the same thing over and over again but with the products we offer, there’s tonnes of ideas on how to use the products and they’re all on the net, the youtube, facebook.

So that’s how “iso” brought us to expanding our business to this particular area – fitness!

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